Frequently Asked Questions Impact Minds Conference 2023

Leaders and participants from foundations, family offices, corporations, social and environmental impact funds, private investors (private equity and venture funds, consulting firms, accelerators and incubators), academia (universities and think tanks), public agencies (national and multilateral), philanthropy networks and associations and social or environmental investors, providers of capital (human, intellectual and financial).

The opportunity to interact in person is extremely valuable. We believe it is time to promote live interactions, so Impact Minds: Standing together 2023 will be a 100% in-person event and will not be streamed.

The Impact Minds: Standing Together 2023 Conference will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The activities will take place in different areas of the city, and the two days of the Conference will take place at the Hotel Prodigy Santos Dumont (Av. Alm. Silvio de Noronha, 365 – Centro), in Rio de Janeiro, given its infrastructure and location close to the national airport from the city.

Yes, you can participate. We invite you to check about the participation on our website.

Yes, you can propose sessions, however, sessions proposed by Latimpacto members will have priority. To propose a session, fill out this form.

Deadline for registration: March 22, 2023.

As Latimpacto member, you can participate in the exclusive dinner for members, in addition to the all activities planned for the event entrance.

Check here the information about sponsorships. If you have any questions, please contact Tania Fioratti at conferencia@latimpacto.org

We will have a benefit for members of our sister networks and partners. Check the values ​​in the “register now” tab.

Latimpacto Members

  • Members Dinner
  • Learning visits (transport included)
  • Conference (morning coffee break, lunch and afternoon coffee break)
  • Closing Celebration

Non-Members of Latimpacto

  • Learning visits (transport included)
  • Conference (morning coffee break, lunch and afternoon coffee break)
  • Closing Celebration

The Conference will have a limit of 500 participants and priority will be given by order of registration and confirmation of entrance payment.

To propose a session, fill out this form.

Deadline for registration: March 22, 2023.

All Conference spaces are designed to promote conversations, connections, sharing experiences and best practices. On Monday, field visits will be carried out with the aim of connecting and reflecting on impact interventions in the city. On Tuesday and Wednesday, we will have presentations by keynote speakers, workshops and sessions of sharing collectives, which will also promote exchange between participants.

The Sharing Collectives are activities that bring together smaller groups of participants to discuss and exchange around a specific theme. The discussion will be facilitated through predefined questions, which will be shared with the participants. Participants will have the opportunity to find common ground and ideas for future collaborations. The designated session ‘champions’ will answer the preliminary questions (25 min). Then, the facilitator will open the discussion to all participants, using some predefined questions. The facilitator is invited to ask additional questions if he/she sees fit. Once the discussion is over, the champions and participants are invited to identify the next steps that will lead to the action’s realization.

The workshops allow participants to learn new skills, tools and methodologies from peers and professionals, in relation to non-financial support, innovative financing, forms of investment, support for ecosystems, among other topics. Each workshop will have a leader who will facilitate a session around a specific learning objective.

As recognition and thanks to our more than 160 members, on Sunday we will offer an exclusive dinner, in a place to be confirmed soon, located in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

The Conference is a space for connection and collective learning. You will be able to meet new people and dialogue with them to explore new partnerships, but in accordance with our non-solicitation policy, Latimpacto is committed to creating a safe and open environment in which our community can collaborate without being approached to solicit contributions or help. Anyone participating in Latimpacto events must accept this policy.

Due to the richness and focus of the Conference, in order to generate connections with the participants, we suggest not organizing events parallel to the official event schedule. If you want to organize parallel meetings, they can be held after the end of the official program indicated in the agenda.

These trips are optional and are being dimensioned for small groups (20/25 people), as an opportunity for Conference participants to get closer to the reality of other regions of Brazil, such as Fortaleza, Serra Grande/Ilhéus and the Amazon. Optional trips will have an additional cost, which will be informed shortly.

No. The registration do not include optional trips that will take place from August 31st.

We don’t want language to be a barrier! The Conference will be held primarily in English. We will have simultaneous translation (English-Spanish-Portuguese) in some sessions/activities.

Yes. The plenary sessions and some workshops and sharing collectives will have simultaneous translation (English-Spanish-Portuguese). Learning visits will not have simultaneous translation, but we will rely on our colleagues and volunteers to facilitate the translation.

It is a requirement of the Brazilian government that all participants have at least two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. Proof of vaccination will be requested upon arrival at the international airport of destination of your flight in Brazil.

Casual and comfortable clothes ate appropriate for the event, and suits in perfectly with the Rio de Janeiro climate.

Yes. For this, send an email to conferencia@latimpacto.org with your request.

Two registration processes will be offered: one for Brazil and another for other countries.

For a registration in Brazil: a recibo de doação may be issued. The necessary data for issuing this document will be requested when confirming your participation.

For registration from other countries: an invoice may be issued. The necessary data for issuing this document will be requested when confirming your participation.

When registering for the Conference, you will find the section to indicate your dietary restrictions.

Soon we will inform some hotels in the city of Rio de Janeiro that will offer discounts to Conference participants, including the Hotel Prodigy Santos Dumont, where the event will take place.

Yes. The guide will be sent to participants in early August.

Sunday (August 27): Exclusive dinner for Latimpacto members

Monday (August 28): working lunch during learning visits and cocktail at the end of the day.

Tuesday (August 29): morning coffee break, lunch and afternoon coffee break

Wednesday (August 30): morning coffee break, lunch and afternoon coffee break; Cocktail at the Closing Celebration in the evening.

If you have any other questions, please contact us at conferencia@latimpacto.org.